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What Is The Need Of Sketching In Fashion Designing

These days technology has completely changed from highly advanced software allotting digital illustrations to 3D printed clothing. No matter what, most of the fashion designers still love to Sketch Their Designs on a paper to represent their ideas in their own style. Sketching is the way of representing creative and unique ideas to others which cannot be visible through the words. Designer will express many things through his/her sketches and gives us new creation. This is probably the best idea for them to showcase their ideas, originality and style. However, sketching plays crucial part when it comes to fashion designing. Let’s see why sketching plays prominent role especially in fashion designing.
It Is The First Way Of Representing Fashion Concept:
Sketching is the only way to represent your unique ideas and work as the first real representation of fashion concept. You can easily get confirmation whether you and your client are at the same page. Simply it will help you to ensure better communication between you and your client.
Easy Way Of Transforming Ideas In to Works:
The different perspectives of drawing gives you a clear idea about the design and showcasing the idea in a team will easily help your work to turn in to real world shapes. •
To Convey Textures And Colours:
The Design Of Your Sketches will convey the texture and colours that make easy for fabric designers to take a decision in short span of time. •
Helps You Developing Unique Style:
Spending little time on sketching will help you develop new ideas and better understanding of design elements. You can easily draw multiple designs or styles to create cohesive collection.
It Saves Lots Of Money:
Yes, instead of buying fabric and trying to make a perfect costume piece, sketching will ultimately help you to build creative design. Whereas visual examples reduce the chances of misconception and help you to create what you exactly want!


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