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Costume Designing and Dress Making skills

About the Course:

Costume designing is another creative step you would gift yourself in this modern society. This course should build on a flexible platform because, choosing colours is not only the option in designing, costume designing is defining your way of thoughts. Costume designing course is suitable for the people who wish to develop their skills in dress making and who dreamt of opening their own boutique. Choosing the best institute to learn costume designing and dress making course is quite important to help yourself to stand alone in the crowd. For that we should get deep in to the topic..

Course Features
Course Durations:                         6 months
What you will learn:


  • Primary colours
  • Secondary colours
  • Tertiary colours
  • Colour Schemes
  • Achromatic colours
  • Monochromatic colours
  • Complementary colours
  • Analogous colours
  • Neutral colours
  • Warm colours
  • Cool colours
  • Template drawing
  • Types of Tracing
  • Draping of the garment
  • Steadler Pencil Shading
  • Steadler Pencil shading with water effect
  • Abbreviations
  • Tools and equipments for making patterns
  • Tools and equipments used for garment construction
  • Taking Body Measurements
  • Different types of fabrics and laces will be shown along with market survey
  • Different types of fabrics and laces will be shown along with market survey
  • 12 types
  • 2 types
  • 4types
  • 11 types of smokng

    Lower part of the garments

  • Wrap around skirt
  • Pleated skirt
  • Box pleated skirt
  • Pinch Pleat skirt
  • Flaired skirt
  • Waist band skirt
  • Saree petticoat
  • Plain shalwar
  • Semi patyala
  • Full patyala
  • Dhoti shalwar

    Upper part of the garments

  • Basic body block
  • Over lap top
  • Skirt top
  • A line kurti
  • Slit kurti
  • Slit kurti with collar
  • Kalidhar kurti
  • Plain blouse
  • Katori blouse
  • Designer wear blouse (2 types)
  • Long Gown
  • Yoke Nighty
  • Plain sleeves
  • Gather Sleeves
  • Bell sleeves
  • Ruffle sleeves
  • Petal sleeves
  • Puff sleeves
  • Chudi sleeves
  • 10-types
  • visit to koyallagudem, pochampally and local market uder the guidance of experience professionals
  • Work shops along with certificates will be conducted on art and crafts
  • Adult Body Block
  • Straight Top
  • Waist Band skirt
  • Pleated skirt
  • Wrap Around Skirt
  • A line kurti
  • Kalidhar Kurti
  • Pleated skirt
  • Plain Shalwar with Belt
  • Yoke Nighty
  • Plain Blouse
  • Katori Blouse
  • Designer Wear Blouse(1 type)
What Is Costume Designing?

Costume designing is a process of creating cohesive styles that suits for particular character. Costume designer performs a key job role in the development of any performance. Many people might think costume designer just picks the clothes for character and left behind but the truth is the choice of the attire is more than window dressing. Costume designing is not about simply choosing clothes from the racks, although they can be a part of process in certain types of production. .

Why Do You Need Costume Designing and Dress Making Skills?

Whether you have that dream of starting your own fashion line or simply you want to design your own fabulous clothes, you will never succeed without the art of costume designing and dress making. You might give a thought of hiring a designer and make him/her to do all the hard work of your vision to design your clothes, but it is absolutely better to have abundant knowledge on latest trends and designs that are suitable to your figure. Moreover, if you aspire to become fashion designer being armed with costume designing and dress making skills can help you be on top of your game. Are you ready to design your own costumes by learning costume design and dress making skills course? Arnitha Institute of Fashion Designing is the best institute to learn Costume Designing in Hyderabad and Dress making skills in Hyderabad where you can explore your creativity in the form of designing. .

The main benefit of choosing this course is, there is a wide range of subject matter involved in the course work. Students will get to know different types of colours and its importance in designing, fashion illustration, fabric study, drafting pattern making and costume designing’s of adult wear such as Kurtis, plain salwar with belt, plain skirts and blouses of all types. Arnitha Institute of Fashion designing offers not only theoretical sessions on designs, students will also have practical knowledge and sound understanding of costume designing and production process. They also have opportunity to apply creativity to certain range of situations. Students graduate with in depth knowledge in Cutting And Designing Course because of workshops conducted once in the year, to expose their creativity to bundle of people.