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Diploma in
Fashion Technology

What Is Fashion Designing?
Fashion designing is nothing but a form of art which is dedicated to creation of clothing including some lifestyle accessories. This is broadly divided in to two categories. One is ready to wear and the other is haute couture. Ready to wear collections are standardised and more suitable for large production runs. They are again split in to two categories designer and confection collections. Designer collections have higher quality and finish as soon as they arrive like unique ones. They are generally represented by a philosophy and to make a statement rather for sale. Haute couture collection is dedicated to only certain amount of people and custom sized to fit the customers exactly. When it comes to qualifying the haute couture house, the designer must be part of synodical chamber of haute couture and should show new collection twice a year representing a minimum of 35 different outfits each time.
The world of fashion is undergoing tremendous changes on regular basis. At, Arnitha Institute of Fashion Designing we understand the needs and deeds of students and help them to step forward to fulfil their dreams.

What you will learn:


  • Elements and Principles
  • Types of Lines
  • Developing the designs with Lines ,Curves , Geometric motives Etc.
  • Texture Development
  • Developing a collage sheet with textures or waste material
  • Fashion croquet
  • Template drawing
  • Types of Tracing
  • Draping of the garment
  • Garments with different Medium
  • Water colours
  • Poster colours
  • Steadler Shading
  • Steadler shading with water effect
  • Accessories

  • Hue
  • Value
  • Chroma
  • Characteristics and uses of colours
  • Primary colours
  • Secondary colours
  • Tertiary colours
  • Colour Schemes
  • Acromatic colours
  • Monochromatic colours
  • Complementary colours
  • Analogous colours
  • Neutral colours
  • Warm colours
  • Cool colours
  • Visual effect of colours
  • Light colours
  • Bright colours
  • Dark colours
  • Split complementary colours
  • Acromatic colours
  • Clash complementary or contast colours
  • Purpose of Art
  • Purpose of Art
  • Basic design details
  • 10 Types of Neckline Design
  • 10 Types of Trousers
  • 10 Types of Skirt Design
  • 10 Types of Women Wear Jackets
  • 10 Types of Swim Wear
  • 10 Types of Dress Design
  • 10 Types of Tops
  • 10 Types of Cuffs
  • Introduction
  • Embroidery
  • Honey comb 3 types
  • 30 types of Hand Embroidery
  • Batik
  • Block Printing
  • Tie & dye
  • Screen Printing
  • Fabric Painting 10 varieties


  • Different types of fabrics and laces will be shown along with market survey

  • Abbreviations
  • Tools and equipments for making patterns
  • Tools and equipments used for garment construction
  • 30 Taking Body Measurements

  • Basic Body Block
  • Plain sleeve
  • Cap Sleeve
  • 30 Ruffle sleeve
  • Magyar sleeve
  • Kimono sleeve
  • Raglan sleeve
  • Dolman sleeve
  • Peter Pan collar
  • Peter Pan collar (front open)
  • 30 Cape collar (back open)
  • Cape collar scalloped edge
  • Square collar (front open)
  • Jangia
  • Jabla
  • Baby Quilt
  • 30 A line Frock
  • Baby Frock
  • Waist Frock
  • Waist Frock V cut
  • Low waist cut frock
  • Straight skirt
  • Wing collar ( front open)
  • Adult Body Block
  • Over lap Top
  • Straight Top
  • 30 Waist Band Skirt
  • Pleated Skirt
  • Pinch pleated Skirt
  • Box Pleated Skirt
  • Flared Skirt
  • Frilled Skirt
  • Wrap Around Skirt
  • 30 A line kurti
  • Flared Kurti
  • Kalidhar Kurti
  • Plain Shalwar with Belt
  • Pannel Kurti
  • Jangia
  • Anarkali kurti with Bias Flair
  • 30 A Kali shalwar
  • Patyala shalwar
  • Parallel
  • Chudidhar
  • Low A line Nighty
  • Yoke Nighty
  • Kapthan Nighty
  • Plain Blouse
  • Katori Blouse
  • Designer Wear Blouse (3 types)
  • Developing Designs in Corel Draw software
  • Introduction
  • Sultanate clothing
  • The Delhi sultanate
  • 30 The Deccan Sultanate
  • Textile Trade.

  • Inspiration
  • Historic and Ethnic costume
  • Museums
  • 30 Libraries and Book stores
  • The Arts
  • Fabrics
  • Travel
  • Necessity
  • Street seen
  • Awareness
  • 30 A Depiction of Inspiration

What You Need To Become A Fashion Designer?

Fashion designing is an art, so you must have the following skills to become best and successful fashion designer.

  • Highly creative and artistic skills
  • Strong sketching skills to represent the ideas in single word
  • Understanding texture, colour and fabric for designing
  • Strong visualisation skills to experience the fabric
  • Designers should be aware of the requirements happening in the fashion market
  • Designer should always have basic knowledge on tailoring
  • A good sense for business and ability to deal with the changes taking
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to mingle with clients
  • Introducing innovative and competitive scrips
  • Interest in current fashion trends
  • Ability to work along with team

If you are one of them who is hunger to expose your ideas and creativity in designing. Then you must choose the best Fashion Designing Course to bring out the best version of yourself. For any Designing Course in Fashion Designing appropriate industry exposure is the main thing that ensure the learner by the end of the course is the industry ready with a global and contemporary eye for global and contemporary eye for developments of seasonal collections. Arnitha institute of fashion designing is considered as top Fashion technology courses in Hyderabad. With advanced technology in designing AIFD help students to feel free to express their views and designing thoughts in front of others. We offer course of diploma in fashion technology where we help students gain knowledge on designing in depth. Diploma in fashion designing course will enable students to achieve competencies in both designing and construction with the use of advance technologies. Fashion designing students also gain practical knowledge that they can apply to their fashion career such as an originality, the ability to work and cooperate with the team and how to solve problems creatively. We do have many Fashion designing Institutes in Hyderabad to learn all types of courses in fashion designing. Getting degree in the course of fashion designing is not a big deal until unless we put conscious effort to represent our ideas in designing that liked by people around us. One-year diploma in fashion designing will take your creativity of designing to next level. The best thing about doing diploma in fashion designing in our institute is, you will able to gain lot of things within short span of time. Our experienced professionals or trainers help each student to recognise their potential in designing and develop their appetite in the area of expertise. With the foundation based workshops conducted by professionals the students would able to get or develop strong basis for skill sets. This course includes, elements of design, fashion illustration, colours and its importance in designing, fashion art, embroidery surface ornamentation, fabric study, drafting pattern making and garment construction, Developing Designs In Corel Draft Software, Garments in Indian History and design development. Here in the Best Fashion Designing Institute of Hyderabad, we guide you to become a established professional designer in the fashion industry by converting your aspirations in to real time talent. When you choose Fashion Technology Course in AIFD your hard work gets appreciated and makes way to upending success in the near future. We have a clear vision of contributing in each fashion designing scenario no matter what students have been dreaming off to achieve in their future. AIFD has been most promising reliable Fashion Technology Courses in Hyderabad whenever fashion aspirants demanded quality and competitive training. With the years of experience in fashion designing, we believe in living up to our own and your expectations in a combined way in order to give you out the best to our students.